I love working with the littlest ones. They are so engaging! Everything is about having fun. They are so much fun to work with! 

Some of my best memories as a kid are from SFGC camp. I learned how to be more independent. I formed lasting bonds with other choristers and counselors. I missed my parents in the beginning and would cry to leave home, but by the end I was crying to leave camp! 

Chorus really changed my life. It gave me tools to be able to survive really tough times in my life, and gave me friends that stood by me during those times. On top of that, I learned valuable musical skills that have stayed with me throughout my musical career. As an oboist, the ability to sing, I believe, has made it that much easier for me to sing with my instrument. –Christina Bogiages

My SFGC life started in 2009 (I was just 8 years old) as a level one chorister, and that began a journey of incredibly detailed musical training, personal growth in both confidence and maturity, the love for performance, and the joy of long lasting friendships. The Girls Chorus has made a huge impact on my life, and I'm continually grateful for the many years I was able to be a part of the organization. Though SFGC continually challenged me with each new year, even at 8 years old, I realized that the moments I would remember most were the feelings of succeeding together, failing together, and learning together. Auditioning for the SFGC was one of the very best decisions in my life, and I'm so happy my family and I put aside our doubts and finally went for the audition. Camps that the chorus has put together have also been some extremely challenging and rewarding times! Linking work and play in a perfect way, I'm so excited to be a helper at Beginner's and Beyond day camp! –Elisabeth Rothenbuhler


Thanks to my eight and a half years with the Girls Chorus, I will be forever more enduring, caring, musical, and outgoing. Nothing has ever meant more to me than this organization, and nothing will ever influence me more than it has. Working with young singers is truly rewarding for me because I know that they are entering one of the most significant periods of their lives. –Audrey Chandler


My favorite part of working with Prep Chorus is seeing how the girls learn to express themselves through music. It's completely new to them, and they're all so eager to learn as much as they can. Prep Chorus is helping these girls build a foundation for future musical experiences. –Sarah Ng