Chorus School Levels I - IV perform at Davies Symphony Hall, December 18, 2017.

Chorus School Levels I - IV perform at Davies Symphony Hall, December 18, 2017.

The San Francisco Girls Chorus School offers a program of unparalleled artistic and educational excellence, designed to take young girls from their first introduction to the art of choral singing through a full course of choral, vocal, and theoretical instruction.

The Chorus School is made up of six levels: non-auditioned Prep Chorus, Training Chorus, and Levels I-IV, which choristers move through as they develop musically. Choristers spend one, two or three years in each level. The carefully structured training stages are designed specifically to increase technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with each chorister’s age and physical development.

This comprehensive music education includes the study and development of choral artistry, vocal technique, music theory, music history, and performing style. The discipline, teamwork, and concentration young girls learn in the Chorus School rehearsals and performances instills in them the values necessary for high achievement in music and in life.

With programs located in San Francisco and Berkeley, the school attracts nearly 300 singers from 160 schools in 45 Bay Area cities and all 9 Bay Area counties each year. 

Successful completion of the Chorus School Training Program provides the singers with a beginning college-level knowledge of choral repertoire, vocal technique, and music theory. Upon graduation from Level IV, singers have the opportunity to audition for the Premier Ensemble - SFGC's acclaimed, GRAMMY Award-winning concert, recording, and touring ensemble.

Auditions are held each June for programs in San Francisco & Berkeley. For information on Chorus School Auditions, including frequently asked questions, please click here. You can also contact Monica Covitt, Director of Chorus School Administration, by email, at, or by phone, at (415) 863-1752 ext. 301.

San Francisco Girls Chorus Code of Civility and Community

The San Francisco Girls Chorus acknowledges that respect for self and others is the foundation of excellence in music education. Whether we are choristers, chorister family members, faculty, or staff, we have a right to be in a safe, supportive environment. In efforts to maintain our commitment to high standards of academic and ethical integrity, we will work to foster the following:


We believe it is important to recognize how others view and relate to the SFGC community and recognize that we are part of a larger community. As such, it is our responsibility to represent the organization with a sense of dignity and professionalism.


We believe that a person’s views, ideas, and behavior best reflect the goals of the organization when the dignity of each individual is respected and when members of the community are considerate of the feelings, circumstances, and individuality of others.


We value the importance of taking responsibility for our own choices and actions.


We value an environment that facilitates collegial relationships, encourages mutual understanding among diverse individuals, and leads to addressing issues and differences in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility.


We believe in the importance of working together with other choristers, chorister family mem- bers, faculty and staff in a spirit of cooperation toward our common goal of providing girls and young women with the skills, self-discipline and confidence to succeed in the music profession and in life.


We respect the diverse backgrounds of all members of our community and welcome the opportunity for interpersonal and group interactions.


We value, encourage, and facilitate free exchange of diverse ideas and points of view along with free speech and expression. However, we discourage uncivil speech or expression that infringes upon the ability of others to express themselves.