AP Music Theory Course
Open to musicians 9th - 12th grade from around the Bay Area!

Course Description

AP Music Theory at the San Francisco Girls Chorus School (SFGC) aims to fully prepare students to excel at the AP Music Theory exam each spring. This course instructs the student through a first-year college curriculum in musicianship, theory, musical materials, and procedures. Through this instruction the student will be able to recognize, understand, and describe basic materials and processes of music that are heard and presented in a score. Weekly exercises in class and assigned homework serve to develop the student’s aural skills, sight-singing skills, written skills, compositional skills, and analytical skills. The course will explore major-minor tonality, as well as modal, pentatonic, whole tone, and other scales. 

Class Details
AP Music Theory at SFGC takes place on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm at the Kanbar Center in San Francisco (44 Page Street) in the Theory Room on the second floor.

Our course is accredited by the College Board and passed the AP Course Audit in 2019. Students who complete and pass our course are able to receive credit on their school transcripts.

About the Course
The San Francisco Girls Chorus (SFGC) AP Music Theory Course is a concentrated 33-week course that prepares students for the AP Music Theory Exam after one school year. 

This course serves as an introduction to college-level music fundamentals, musicianship (sight singing, listening, dictation, and transcription), harmony, musical analysis, and composition. AP Music Theory prepares students with a broad base of knowledge and skills that are essential for performance and composition in many musical genres, including classical, jazz, and popular music.

This course has been authorized by the College Board. Students who complete the course can earn college credit, based on AP Exam performance. All AP Exam scores appear on an "AP Transcript," which can be submitted to colleges separately from the student's high school transcript upon request. 

Please note: SFGC does not offer the AP Exam at this time; however, we do have partnerships with school sites around the Bay Area that offer the exam each May. Our team will be able to support logistical arrangements for students to take the AP Exam at an alternate testing site each spring. Please note that the cost for each exam is the responsibility of each family, and is not included in the tuition price for this course.

About the Instructor: Bobby Chastain

Basic performance skills in voice or on an instrument are strongly recommended. The course is recommended for high-school aged musicians, but younger students who demonstrate extraordinary accomplishments in music theory may register with the instructor's permission.

All non-SFGC students must take a placement exam prior to beginning the class. Once registration is received, a placement exam will be shared with your family for completion and review by our faculty.

Cost of Course: $1200

For more information, please contact Monica Covitt, Director of Chorus School Administration, at mcovitt@sfgirlschorus.org.