Founded in 1978, the San Francisco Girls Chorus pioneers girls' choral music as an art form in the United States. Each concert season, our acclaimed concert and touring ensemble, Chorissima, prepare over 100 musical selections in as many as 12 languages and 16 parts. The San Francisco Girls Chorus' commitment to developing choral repertoire has led to a number of commissions by some of the world’s leading composers.

SFGC Recordings

These albums can be purchased through the Chorus office. Please call 415-863-1752

Heaven and Earth

For more than 30 years, the San Francisco Girls Chorus has been recognized as one of the world’s most respected vocal ensembles. Joining the Chorus’ impressive discography of 12 self-produced and collaborative titles, the highly anticipated 7th solo CD, Heaven and Earth, is now available. Hear the San Francisco Girls Chorus perform some of the greatest sacred and secular repertoire ever written for treble voices! Featuring David Higgs on organ. Also featuring the SFGC Alumnae Chorus, pianist Susan Soehner, and cellist Emil Miland.

Track 1: Psalm 150, Willcocks                 
Track 2: Ave verum, Fauré,   
Track 2:3-6 Missa Brevis in D, Britten         
Agnus Dei                             
Track 7: Toccata from Suite pour l’orgue, Op.5,Duruflé                                 
Track 8: Glory to God for this Transient Life,Tavener                                 
Track 9:  Litanies à la vierge noire, Poulenc                        
Track 10: Ave Maria, MacIntyre                
Track 11: Ave verum corpus, Poulenc                              
Track 12: Ave Maria, Head                        
Track 13: Ave Maria, Holst                       
Total playing time: [53:29]
Track 1: I Dream a World, Szymko                   
Track 2: I Cannot Dance O Lord, Paulus         
Track 3: The Water of Tyne, Trad., arr. Neaum   
Track 4-5: Two Mountain Songs, Frank           
I. Envuelto por el Viento                
II. Picaflor Esmeralda                  
Track 6-7: Two E. E. Cummings Songs, Thomas
(Recorded Live)                   
I. sky candy spouting violets        
II.  (kiss me)                                
Track 8: I Got Rhythm, Gershwin, arr. Swingle                                         
Track 9: National Weather Forecast, Mollicone          
Track 10: Blue Skies, Berlin, arr. Okamura                             
Track 11: Over the Rainbow, Arlen, arr. Kendall  
Total playing time: [37:51]

Voices of Hope and Peace

Chorissima's sixth solo CD, centers around a theme of longing for hope and peace in our world. The CD, recorded at Skywalker Sound Studios, is comprised entirely of texts by women and includes five pieces commissioned by SFGC. The centerpiece is a 25 minute work, Anne Frank: A Living Voice, written by composer Linda Tutus Haugen. The young women featured in this recording are approximately the same age as Anne Frank was when she wrote her diary. Their young voices give a special poignancy to the message for tolerance and peace.

Track Listing:

Track 1: Vivos Voco, by Joan Szymko
Track 2: A Hope Carol, by David Conte
Track 3: Echo by Frank La Rocca
Track 4: Nada te turbe, by Joan Szymko
Track 5: I Shall Keep Singing, by Brian Holmes
Track 6: The Womanly Song of God, by Libby Larsen
Track 7: Sing Me to Heaven, by Daniel E. Gawthrop, arr.Paul Carey
Track 8-14: Anne Frank: A Living Voice, by Linda Tutas Haugen
Track 15: Hebrew Rounds for Peace, by arr. Nancy Grundahl

Total playing time: [65:45]


The San Francisco Girls Chorus presents an exciting program of holiday favorites! This new recording features Chorissima and Virtuose singing beloved carols from our annual Davies Hall concert in addition to other traditional and contemporary Christmas repertoire.



Track Listing:

Track 1: What Sweeter Music
Track 2: Ding Dong! Merrily on High
Track 3: Hodie
Track 4: Magnificat
Track 5: Duo Seraphim clamabant
Track 6: The First Nowell
Track 7: Veni, veni, Emanuel / O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Track 8: How far is it to Bethlehem?
Track 9: Fum, Fum, Fum
Track 10: Tota pulchra es
Track 11: Laudate pueri Dominum
Track 12: O frondens virga
Track 13: Noël des enfants qui n'ont plus de maisons
Track 14: Nada te turbe
Track 15: Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
Track 16: Go Where I Send Thee
Track 17: Winter Wonderland

Total playing time: [58:30]


San Francisco Girls Chorus
Sharon J. Paul, Conductor

Featuring the young artists of Chorissima with special guest artist Emil Miland on cello, the recording captures performances of music from Australia, China, French-Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Serbia, Venezuela, and the United States. Also on the disc is a live performance of the Chorus' first commission for all 325 singers: Chen Yi's Chinese Poems, which was "performed with such sophisticated assurance that the audience immediately came screaming to its feet" (The Oakland Tribune).

Track Listing:

Track 1: Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia, David Brunner (b.1953)
Track 2: Nigra Sum , Pablo Casals (1876-1973)
Track 3: Como Tu, Alberto Grau (b.1937)
Track 4: Schlaf Mein Kind, Allan E. Naplan (b.1972)
Track 5: Heaven Bound Train, Traditional spiritual, arr. Stephen Hatfield
Track 6: Deep River, Traditional spiritual, arr. Donald Patriquin
Track 7: J'entends le moulin, French folksong, arr. Donald Patriquin
Track 8: My Lagan Love, Irish folksong, arr. Michael Neaum
Track 9-10: Australian Bush Bird Songs, Stephen Leek (b. 1959)
Track 11: Niska Banja, Serbian Gypsy dance, arr. Nick Page
Track 12: Taivas On Sininen, Finnish folksong, arr. Donald Patriquin
Track 13-14: Chinese Poems, Chen Yi (b. 1953), Recorded live with Chorissima, Virtuose, and the Chorus School
Picking the Seedpods of the Lotus
The Cataract of Mount Lu
Track 15: Queen Jane, American folksong, arr. Stephen Hatfield
Track 16: Sachaki, Sachaki; Hebrew folksong, Steve Barnett
Track 17: Las Amarillas, Mexican folksong, arr. Stephen Hatfield

Total playing time: [60:05]

Performers: Chorissima with Susan Soehner, piano, and Emil Miland, cello.

Music from the Venetian Ospedali

San Francisco Girls Chorus
Sharon J. Paul, Conductor

Music from the Venetian Ospedali is the first recording to feature adolescent female voices performing music sung by the young female orphans of the 18th-century Venetian ospedali. The ospedali repertoire is considered to be the largest existing collection of music for female voices and is known for its great rhythmic vitality, vivid solo writing, and a clear tonal framework and musical form. This recording reflects the essence of 18th-century Venice, a city whose history is vividly preserved in its music. In a review, the New Yorker declared the Chorus' rendition of Vivaldi's Gloria "fresh" and described the Chorus as "tremendously accomplished." This CD was recorded at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Belvedere, CA.

Track Listing:

Tracks 1-11: Gloria in D Major, RV 589 (c. 1716), Antonio Vivaldi
Track 1: Gloria in excelsis deo
Track 2: Et in terra pax hominibus
Track 10: Quoniam tu solus sanctus
Tracks 12-14: Pange lingua No. 2 (c. 1727), Giovanni Porta
Tracks 15-20: Magnificat (between 1724-1739), Nicola Porpora
Track 20: Sicut erat in principio
Tracks 21-32: Missa pro defunctis (1767), Francesco Brusa
Track 30: Sanctus
Track 31: Adoramus Te
Total playing time: [64:42]

Performers: Chorissima and Virtuose with SFGC Sinfonia (Violin I: Carla Moore - Concertmaster, Elizabeth Blumenstock, Cynthia Albers; Violin II: George Thomson, Lisa Grodin, Maria Caswell; Viola: David Bowes, Stephanie Railsback; Bass: Michelle Burr; Oboe: Gonzalo Ruiz; Cello: David Morris; Organ: R. Bryan Baker; Trumpet: Fred Holmgren)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Songs of the Twentieth Century
San Francisco Girls Chorus
Sharon J. Paul, Conductor

The San Francisco Girls Chorus presents a musical tribute to the children who were victims of the Holocaust during World War II. This provocative choral work is based on poetry written by children who were interned in the ghetto of Terezin on their tragic journey to Auschwitz from 1941-1945.

Track Listing:

Tracks 1- 9: I Never Saw Another Butterfly (1971), Charles Davidson (b. 1929)
Track 1: It All Depends On How You Look At It
Track 7: On a Sunny Evening
Track 10: Como Tu, Alberto Grau (b. 1937)
Track 11: Nigra Sum (1942) , Pablo Casals (1876-1973)
Track 12: In Paradisum (1946), Ernst Krenek (1900-1991)
Track 13: Seven Songs from the Medea of Euripides (1934), Virgil Thomson (1896-1989)
Track 14: Aglepta (1969), Arne Mellnäs (b. 1933)
Track 15: "Suite" de Lorca (1973), Einojuhani Rautavaara (b. 1928)
Track 16: The Wendigo (1993), Judith Shatin (b. 1949)
Track 17: Tavaszi Kantáta (pub. 1952), László Halmos (b. 1909)

Total playing time: [60:34]

Performers: Chorissima and Virtuose

A San Francisco Christmas

San Francisco Girls Chorus
Sharon J. Paul, Conductor

This collection of holiday favorites includes Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols


Track Listing:

Tracks 1 - 12: A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28, Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Track 1: Procession
Track 2: Wolcum Yole!
Track 3: There is no Rose
Track 4: That yongë child
Track 5: Balulalow
Track 6: As dew in Aprille
Track 7: This little Babe
Track 8: Interlude
Track 9: In Freezing Winter Night
Track 10: Spring Carol
Track 11: Deo Gracias
Track 12: Recession
Track 13: Personent Hodie, arr. John Rutter
Track 14: Joy to the World, arr. William Llewellyn
Track 15: Away in a Manger, W.J. Kirkpatrick arr. David Wilcocks
Track 16: Good King Wenceslas, arr. David Wilcox
Track 17: Dime el Camino , Emilio Dublanc
Track 18: Ave Maria, Gustav Holst (1874-1934)
Track 19: More I Cannot Wish You, Frank Loesser (1910-1969) arr. Phil Mattson
Track 20: Silent Night,Franz Grüber (1787-1863)

Total playing time: [43:54]

Performers: Chorissima and Virtuose, Sarah Kaieolani Voynow; harp.

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