SFGC SUMMER SESSION (Wednesday, July 31-Friday, August 2, 2019 from 9am-5pm at the Kanbar Performing Arts Center)

All Level II, III and IV choristers attend a mandatory daytime summer session at the Kanbar Center in San Francisco. Level II meets three days, and Level III & IV meet for a week-long day camp.


SUMMER MUSIC CAMP (Sunday, August 4-Saturday, August 10, 2019, immediately following SUMMER SESSION, at the Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in Healdsburg)

Choristers also attend Summer Music Camp in Healdsburg, California. Summer Music Camp is only available to current San Francisco Girls Chorus choristers. Summer Music Camp is mandatory for Levels III and IV and is strongly encouraged for Level II.

Recognizing the unique opportunities for personal growth that are inherent in a resident camp experience, SFGC holds its camp for seven days each summer. Choristers are involved in a vigorous musical and recreational program. The combination of a structured music program, recreational activities and a peaceful rural setting enables each singer to dedicate her attention to musical and social development. She will make rapid daily progress in mastering repertoire, music theory, and drama/dance techniques. An intensive period of music study gives a stronger sense of musical self-confidence. Through the camp experience, choristers get to know each other better and grow to appreciate their common bond of music. The camp experience is one of the most treasured memories of SFGC Alumnae.

At camp, each chorister participates in the shaping of the newly formed Levels following June graduation, promotion, and auditions. Each Level is unique in its character, strengths, tone quality, and growth. Camp provides the opportunity to formulate the new ideals and tone quality that characterize each Level throughout the year. It is also essential for preparation of fall, holiday, and spring repertoire.

Camp also provides the opportunity for choristers who may be participating in the fall San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Symphony seasons to prepare repertoire.