Voices of Hope and Peace

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Voices of Hope and Peace (2006) -Chorissima’s sixth solo CD release in November 2006, is a recording that includes “Anne Frank: A Living Voice” by an American composer Linda Tutas Haugen

Voices of Hope and Peace (2006) Chorissima's sixth solo CD centers around a theme of longing for hope and peace in our world. The CD, recorded at Skywalker Sound Studios, is comprised entirely of texts by women and includes five pieces commissioned by SFGC. The centerpiece is a 25 minute work, Anne Frank: A Living Voice, written by composer Linda Tutus Haugen. The young women featured in this recording are approximately the same age as Anne Frank was when she wrote her diary. Their young voices give a special poignancy to the message for tolerance and peace.
Track Listing:
Track 1: Vivos Voco, by Joan Szymko
Track 2: A Hope Carol, by David Conte
Track 3: Echo by Frank, La Rocca
Track 4: Nada te turbe, by Joan Szymko
Track 5: I Shall Keep Singing, by Brian Holmes
Track 6: The Womanly Song of God, by Libby Larsen
Track 7: Sing Me to Heaven, by Daniel E. Gawthrop, arr.Paul Carey
Track 8-14: Anne Frank: A Living Voice, by Linda Tutas Haugen
Track 15: Hebrew Rounds for Peace, by arr. Nancy Grundahl

Total playing time: [65:45]

Price: $20.00