SFGC Staff and Faculty

Artistic Faculty

Lisa Bielawa
Artistic Director
Lisa Bielawa bio

Valérie Sainte-Agathe
Music Director and Principal Conductor
Valerie Sainte-Agathe bio

Elizabeth Avakian
Level IV Director, Chorus School Director 1983-2014

Joseph Fanvu
Level I Director

Emily Ryan '95
Level II Director and Prep Chorus Director

Laney McClain Armstrong ’97
Level III Director

Susan Blinderman
Level IV Accompanist and Theory Instructor

Renée Witon
Theory Instructor

Margaret Halbig
SFGC Accompanist

Matthew Bourne
Douglas Franks
Annie Hargraves
Sharon Lee Kim
Paul McCurdy
Kaori Nakano
Chorus School Accompanists

Justin Montigne
Director of Voice Studies

Carolyn Carvajal
Chorus School Choreographer

Sarah Hawley-Snow
Samantha Maas-Baldwin
Kaori Nakano
Laura Ruppert
Amanda Poon
Becky Poon
Prep Chorus Instructors


Administrative Staff

Melanie Smith
Executive Director



Debbi Hersh
Communications Manager

Scott Horton
Communications and Marketing Consultant

Kara Whittington
Digital Marketing Consultant


Samantha Starr
Director of Development

Barbara Lundy
Development/Annual Fund Manager



Michael Grade
Director of Finance and Operations

Function One
Information Technology Consultant


Chorus Program Administration

Adele Meyer
Chorus School Administrative Director

Elaine Robertson
Performance and Production Manager

Virginia Peden
Dean of Choristers

Amy Fickenscher
Chorus School Associate Director/Program Coordinator

Jayn Pettingill
Music Librarian