The mission of the San Francisco Girls Chorus is to create outstanding performances featuring the unique and compelling sound of young women’s voices through an exemplary music education program. Our vision is to provide music education for girls and young women from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and to give the students who participate in Chorus programs the skills, self-discipline and confidence to succeed in music and in life. SFGC strives to be a leader in all aspects of choral music.

In a time when arts education continues to suffer or disappear altogether from public schools throughout our region, SFGC offers any girl with the desire and basic ability to sing a first-rate music education. Founded in 1978, the San Francisco Girls Chorus is a regional center for music education and choral training for girls and young women, ages 7-18. More than 300 students participate in this internationally recognized program, deemed “a model in the country for training girls’ voices” by the California Arts Council. SFGC is committed to economic and ethnic diversity, and 32% of students receive scholarships.

The organization is comprised of five choruses: Chorissima, the concert, recording, and touring ensemble and the four-level Chorus School training program. The Chorus School offers a program designed to take young girls from their first introduction to the art of choral singing through a full course of choral/vocal instruction. The comprehensive music education includes the study and development of choral artistry, vocal technique, music theory, music history, sight singing and performing style.

Choristers acquire excellent music skills that instill a lifelong love of music. One alumna wrote: SFGC’s training also teaches "dedication, responsibility, integrity, and a sense of the importance of community.” Further, young women in SFGC find strong role models in the women in the artistic and administrative leadership positions, as well as older girls who serve as mentors, peer coaches and leaders.