Description of Programs and Services

The Alumnae Association’s programs and services fall into five main categories:

Alumnae Committee

The Alumnae Committee offers a unique leadership opportunity for Alumnae of all ages. Alumnae Committee members organize and run all alumnae events and activities, and foster communication between Alumnae.

Professional Development

Alumnae have many chances to test and hone musical and leadership skills in the nurturing setting of the SFGC. In addition to working at camp, Alumnae participate as Theory Fellows, Substitute Conductors, and Conductors in the Chorus School. Alumnae also have the opportunity to serve in other operational capacities at the Chorus.

Support of the Chorus

One of the most powerful ways Alumnae express gratitude and appreciation for the Chorus is through our financial and emotional support. Each year, Alumnae donors pay for Laureate medallions, fund scholarships, and sponsor a table at the Gala. Also invaluable is the support we give by volunteering our time at concerts, in the rehearsal room, or in the office. This kind of support also strengthens our position as role models for current choristers.


Members of the Alumnae Association have many opportunities to perform. Laureates may audition for Alumnae Chorus, SFGC’s all-Alumnae, professional chamber group. The Alumnae Summer Concert allows any alum to prepare and perform music with and for Alumnae of every generation, while Alumnae soloists perform both at the Summer Concert and the annual SFGC Gala. In addition to Girls Chorus-related events, the Alumnae network provides information about singing groups and Alumnae performances all over the world.


Whether it be the sounds of nightsing, Pat Parr’s square dancing, rehearsing in sweltering heat, or wacky banquet costumes, memories of our Summer Music Camp never fail to evoke emotion in SFGC Alumnae. Dozens of Alumnae return to camp each year as counselors, theory and conducting fellows, and activity directors. Through running all camp activities, Alumnae pass down beloved camp traditions to the next generation.