About the Program

The San Francisco Girls Chorus School offers a program designed to take young girls from their first introduction to the art of choral singing through a full course of choral and vocal instruction. This includes the study and development of choral artistry, vocal technique, music theory, music history, and performing style as pertaining to the repertoire studied and performed by the Chorus. For information on Chorus School auditions click here.

The carefully structured training stages, Levels I-IV, are designed specifically to increase technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with each chorister's age and physical development. Graduation from Level IV qualifies the singers to audition for Chorissima, the Girls Chorus' acclaimed 45-voice concert and touring ensemble.

With programs located in San Francisco and Berkeley, the school attracts 280 singers (in addition to the 45 young women who participate in Chorissima) from 160 schools in 44 Bay Area cities and towns each year. 40% percent of the singers are East Bay residents and 43% non-Caucausian.

Successful completion of the Chorus School Training Program provides the singers with a beginning college-level knowledge of choral repertoire, vocal technique and music theory.

To view the SFGC Chorus School Overview video, click here.

Chorus School Levels

Level IV, the most accomplished ensemble representing the San Francisco Girls Chorus School, is an ensemble of approximately 70 singers, ages 9-16. The Chorus School Level IV appears annually with San Francisco Opera, and has performed with San Francisco Bach Society, as well as for special performances for dignitaries. Many of these singers performed in San Francisco Symphony's "An American Journey with Charles Ives" (2001), which earned a Grammy award and received high praise from music critics. Full-length concert programs are presented in December and May. Level IV also includes a 25-voice small ensemble, appropriate for smaller performance spaces. Level IV performs with piano and a cappella.

Level III is an ensemble of approximately 60 girls ages 8-13, which performs music for holiday events, festivals, dinners, luncheons, auctions, and other events. The Level III ensemble performs up to 40 minutes of music accompanied by piano.

Level II is an ensemble of approximately 40 girls ages 8-12, which performs at community centers, senior residences, and holiday functions. This ensemble performs up to 25 minutes of music accompanied by piano.

Level I is an ensemble of approximately 50 girls ages 7-9, which performs for outreach programs and at nursing homes.

For information about Chorissima, the San Francisco Girls Chorus Premiere Concert Ensemble, click here.